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According to AMACO, more than 1,500 collisions occur each year between motorists and construction workers. This creates a very dangerous work environment for those trying to make our roads and highways a safer place. As a driver, it is partially our responsibility to keep the environment free from mistakes and accidents. Although there are many ways we can do this, there are five major ways to keep both you and the road workers safe.


1. Minimize Distractions
When entering a construction zone, it is important to get rid of any distraction. Whether you’re on a call, chatting with others in the car, blasting music or something else that might prevent you from being focused on the construction site, try to get rid of it until the construction zone has passed. This way, you are able to focus on the signs, the instructions and any workers that might be in your path.

2. Don’t Assume
It is important to always act as though there are workers in the construction zone because there is always a possibility they are there, even if not in your direct sight. By always acting as though there are workers in the area, you will always act safely and be in less danger of an accident if a worker appears.

3. Follow all Rules
Whether it is a blinking arrow, traffic cones blocking a lane or a worker holding a slow down sign, it is important to obey all the rules in the construction area. It may slow you down or take you on a detour, but these rules and signs are there to keep both you and the workers safe. By obeying them, you will minimize the chance of a fatal accident.

4. Be Patient
Getting aggravated or speeding up because you’re late are both sure-fire ways to make the working zone a dangerous place. Where there are workers, there will be closed lanes, slower speeds and rougher roads on top of workers trying to do their job. You need to be patient and expect delays so that you can get to your destination safely.

5. Keep Your Distance
Whether it’s keeping a safe distance from the car in front of you, the equipment in the construction area or the workers all around, it is important to leave room. This way, you can be aware of what is all around you and make smart decisions about what is safe and what might endanger both you and the workers.


There are many ways to keep you and the workers safe, but these are five of the most important. They might seem simple and obvious, but if everyone were to make more of an effort, the 1,500 accidents per year will decrease greatly. We, at Phillips Bros Excavating Ltd, appreciate every step you make to assure that we, and you, are safe while we do our job.